Like Never Before

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“just let it go”

#What Sam doesn’t realize when he tells Santana to just let go of Brittany is that Santana tried that before and it didn’t work #Santana’s been in love with Brittany for a long long time—at least since she was fifteen #and probably since even before then too—and has likely had a crush on Brittany since even before she fell in love with her #And the thing is—for the longest time or years even—Santana didn’t want to have a crush on Brittany or to love her #She was scared to death to have feelings not just for another girl but for her best friend especially #so she tried to fight them or to drive them out by any means she could think of—by sleeping with random boys and by strictly enforcing #rules about hers and Brittany’s friendship and what they could and couldn’t do together #When none of that worked she resigned herself to keeping her feelings for Brittany locked up inside and secret#never telling them to anyone including Brittany #So for years she made herself and Brittany miserable—and all because she couldn’t bear to love Brittany but she couldn’t#keep herself from loving Brittany either #So what Sam doesn’t realize when he tells Santana to ‘just let go’ of Brittany is that #Santana isn’t just being stubborn when she says ‘Never’ in reply; #she’s telling a truth she learned for herself #She can never just let go of Brittany because her feelings for Brittany are too big and too vast #and too deep and too eternal for her to ever just let go of #Even when Santana was scared to death of loving Brittany and hated herself for doing it #she still couldn’t bring herself to live a life without Brittany in it #For her loving Brittany is a forever kind of thing #and especially now that Santana loves to love Brittany and feels so much peace from doing it #It’s true love because it will last forever

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