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anybody see the overwhelmingly huge difference.


The Bram shipper trying to keep Bram afloat after 4x22….


The Bram shipper trying to keep Bram afloat after 4x22….

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not to mention to complete and utter lack of eye fucking she has always done with Naya

she has made it possible to hate Bram while keeping us longing for BRITTANA because there is simply noway you can even take Bram seriously when you look at the differences.

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For the record, I totally think it’s sweet that Sam cares so much about his sister and they love each other so much. Even though it’s a little bit weird that they kiss sometimes.


I don’t like how they try to make this couple seem like they are COMPLETELY meant to be together. If they were just simply dating or friends i probably wouldn’t hate it like I do now. Brittany JUST got out of a very serious relationship and Sam spent all of last year trying to get back his…

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Wait, people are actually thinking Sam is better for Brittany than Santana based on his reactions in the choir room?

Ugh. I got really mad and I don’t know why.

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ugh…just fuck Bram. 

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If it took that episode for you to like Bram despite them pretty much being one of the most offensive and crappy relationships on the show, then congratulations, you’re easily bought.

Klaine is the…

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Sam wanted to sing a duet with Brittany, wanted to date her, wanted to marry her. He asked for all that. He got nothing more. Brittany never did anything for him. In fact, she doesn’t believe in him and told him that he’ll never go to college. lol.

All Santana ever asked Brittany was to love her…


…you know, before I started watching Glee, I was kind of ignorant and ill-informed about incestuous relationships.

And then Glee gave us Bram, a beautiful example of how a brother and sister can make out, get married and have absolutely zero chemistry, yet still be a…

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